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List of Candidates available in The Political Machine 2020.

Party Name Election History Home State Stamina Charisma Intelligence Media Bias Experience Minority Appeal Starting Money Ideology
Democrats Al Gore Candidate 2000 Tennessee Active Typical Sharp Liked Insider Some Tycoon Establishment Democrat
Democrat Alexander Hamilton Founding Father New York Hyper Magnetic Genius Indifferent Respectable Some Frugal Federalist
Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez U.S. Representative New York Hyper Magnetic Dim Liked Little One of Us Frugal Democratic Socialism
Democrats Amy Klobuchar Senator Minnesota Normal Warm Average Liked Insider Some Frugal Establishment Democrat
Democrats Andrew Yang Entrepreneur New York Hyper Magnetic Genius Indifferent Little Unappealing Poor Yang Singularity
Democrats Barack Obama 44th President Illinois Active Magnetic Sharp Tingly Respectable One of Us Average Hope and Change
Democrats Bernie Sanders Primary Candidate 2016 Vermont Normal Magnetic Average Indifferent Respectable Typical Average Democratic Socialism
Democrats Bill Clinton Former President Arkansas Normal Warm Sharp Open Support Insider Some Average Establishment Democrat
Democrats Catherine Cortez Masto Senator Nevada Normal Magnetic Sharp Open Support Respectable Some Frugal Establishment Democrat
Democrats Elizabeth Warren Senator Massachusetts Normal Warm Smart Tingly Outsider Typical Average Democratic Socialism
Democrats Hillary Clinton Senator New York Normal Cold Fish Smart Open Support Insider Some Rich Progressive
Democrats Joe Biden Former Vice President Delaware Sleepy Warm Average Tingly Insider A Lot Rich Biden Liberalism
Democrats John Adams Founding Father Massachusetts Sleepy Cold Fish Genius Liked Insider Unappealing Average Federalist
Democrats Kamala Harris Senator California Normal Magnetic Sharp Liked Respectable A Lot Average Establishment Democrat
Democrats Michael Bloomberg Entrepreneur New York Normal Cold Fish Genius Liked Outsider Little Tycoon Establishment Democrat
Democrats Pete Buttigieg Mayor Indiana Hyper Magnetic Sharp Liked Little Little Frugal Establishment Democrat
Democrats Tutsi Gabbard U.S. Representative Hawaii Hyper Magnetic Smart Disliked Little Typical Poor Tulsi's Better World
Republicans Barry Goldwater Historical Candidate Arizona Sleepy Typical Smart Indifferent Insider Unappealing Frugal Conservatism
Republicans Dan Crenshaw Presidential Candidate Texas Normal Typical Smart Disliked Respectable Little Average Conservatism
Republicans Donald Trump Incumbant President Florida Hyper Warm Sharp Loathed Outsider Some Tycoon Trumpian Populism
Republicans George W. Bush 43rd President Texas Active Typical Sharp Loathed Respectable Unappealing Tycoon Compassionate Conservative
Republicans James Madison Founding Father Virginia Normal Typical Smart Indifferent Respectable Unapealing Average Democratic Republican
Republicans Jed Bush Primary Candidate Florida Sleepy Cold Fish Average Indifferent Respectable Unappealing Average Compassionate Conservative
Republicans John McCain U.S. Senator Arizona Normal Warm Sharp Liked Respectable Unappealing Average Straight Talk Express
Republicans Mike Pence Vice-President Indiana Active Warm Average Indifferent Insider Unappealing Frugal Trumpian Populism
Republicans Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader Kentucky Sleepy Cold Fish Smart Loathed Insider Little Frugal Establishment Republican
Republicans Mitt Romney Presidential Candidate Utah Normal Cold Fish Sharp Indifferent Insider Little Rich Establishment Republican
Republicans Rand Paul Primary Candidate 2016 Kentucky Normal Typical Smart Disliked Respectable Little Average Libertarian
Republicans Ronald Reagan Historical Candidate California Active Magnetic Sharp Liked Insider Typical Tycoon Conservatism
Republicans Sarah Palin VP Candidate 2008 Alaska Hyper Warm Average Indifferent Outsider Unappealing Average Conservatism
Republicans Ted Cruz Presidential Candidate Texas Normal Cold Fish Smart Disliked Insider Little Rich Conservatism
Republicans Thomas Jefferson Founding Father Virginia Hyper Warm Genius Indifferent Insider Unappealing Average Democratic Republican
Both George Washington Founding Father Virginia Active Magnetic Sharp Liked Outsider Typical Average Federalist
Both Massive Comet Former Celestial Body California Hyper Typical Dim Tingly Insider Typical Rich Giant Meteorism
Both Valentino Rutabach Inmate New Mexico Active Typical Smart Indifferent Little Little Average Lunacy