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Home Base

To start the game, you are given a Level 1 Election Headquarters in your home state. Your headquarters brings in money, raises your awareness, and increases the number of known issues which will give you more to campaign on.

PRO TIP: During your first week of campaigning, upgrade your Home Base to a Level 2 Campaign Headquarters. This will give you more money per week and increase your overall awareness.

New Headquarters

As you go through your campaign, you will have other opportunities to construct different types of headquarters. You must choose carefully, since you are only allowed one HQ building per State. Each building can be leveled up 3 times, with bonuses increasing each time you level. Choosing the right Headquarters is essential for victory! Your options are:

  • Campaign Headquarters: This building brings in weekly donations, raises your awareness, and unlocks more issues for you to campaign about.
    • Level 1: $10,000/week - 1 Awarness Point/week - Top 10 State Issues
    • Level 2: $25,000/week - 2 Awareness Points/week - Top 15 State Issues
    • Level 3: $75,000/week - 3 Awareness Points/week - All State Issues

PRO TIP: Upgrading to a level 3 Campaign Headquarters will give you a free basic Operative who can be moved around the country to boost your awareness.