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v1.2 Update

New Candidates

A blast from the Political Past, players can now recreate that epic 2008 campaign between the fresh faced Obama and the war-hardened Senator McCain. Each candidate has their own hand-crafted 3D assets, along with the custom Ideology Trees "Hope and Change" and the "Straight Talk Express".

Infinite Points Mode

When creating your custom candidate, you can now toggle an 'Infinite Mode' where you can spend as many stat points as you want.

Fair warning - any candidate that goes over the allocated points will not be available to play in Multiplayer mode, but it certainly will provide some fun local fantasy match ups.

Improved News Ticker

In mid to late game, we've always had the problem of notifying players when important changes happen on the map. There may be several battleground states that flip but go unnoticed for several turns.

To combat this, we're feeding Battleground info into the News Ticker, where you'll get color-coordinated ticker items as Battleground states pop-up or are claimed by either candidate.

A subtle but important tool for strategists looking for victory in specific states.


Besides the big improvements above, there are also some smaller Quality of Life and bugs fixes that made it into the build. Mac users can now Shift and Left Click to travel to a state (actually, even PC users can do this). The ticker is faster, getting more information to the player faster. And Multiplayer games will no longer block custom candidates with custom ideologies - it'll simply force them to play with the default Ideology Trees for their given party.

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